Vegan-Friendly Interior Design Trends For 2019

Vegan-Friendly Interior Design Trends For 2019

Cruelty-free and vegan-friendly are not just buzzwords used for clever marketing ploys anymore. These have now become a way of life for many people, w

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Cruelty-free and vegan-friendly are not just buzzwords used for clever marketing ploys anymore. These have now become a way of life for many people, with a growing percentage of the global population now becoming vegan. There has been as much as a 600% increase in the number of people who now identify as a vegan over the past decade.

This rapid growth of the vegan movement is now starting to drive huge demand for vegan furniture, homeware and fashion. Designers are now working to make their cruelty free products more mainstream and many believe that as more and more alternatives become available, then the vegan design will become more popular. So, as these designs and trends increase in popularity, what trends are emerging for interior design in 2019?

Sustainability Swaps

The consciousness of the public is now geared towards helping the planet, so it’s no surprise that sustainability is now one of the biggest interior trends to come to light this year. Brands are now offering more sustainable products than ever before, with new products constantly coming into focus.

It is now completely possible to change your lifestyle to a fully sustainable one and making small changes here and there is a great way to start. Whether you cut down on single-use plastic or install eco-friendly lightbulbs int your home, there are many different quick things you can do to ease the impact of your carbon footprint.

Vamped Up Velvet

Velvet is a wonderful fabric and one which looks wonderful in homes when paired with dark tones and colours, but velvet hasn’t always been vegan. Traditionally, it was woven with silk or animal hair to make it more durable and long-lasting, but thankfully the majority of velvet home interior items are made using synthetic materials.

Velvet is a great material to use in your home to add a hint of decadence and the texture of the material will instantly transform a room. Pastel velvet accessories are a huge interior design trend at the moment, so why not add some items to your living room or bedroom for an instant lift?

Simply Scandinavian

Scandi never really seems to go out of fashion, and it has been a design favourite for a few years now. With a fresh and elegant style, it is a completely timeless trend which can be added to almost any room in the home. Whether you go for a few subtle touches or completely revamp a whole room, you can never go wrong with some scandi style in your home.

The scandi style tends to be mostly natural, so it is fairly easy to find vegan-friendly options to add to your home. White, beige and grey features heavily, as does wooden and gold tones, so you can easily find vegan soft furnishing and natural accessories to include. This look and style work particularly well in a home office, as it is non-distracting and calming.

Mediterranean Garden Marvels

We go on holiday in order to escape our everyday lives and the Mediterranean design trend is a look which is being welcomed with opened arms. With the ability to freshen up our interior designs, it is also being used in gardens to create an oasis in the comfort of our very own homes.

Ocean blues and seafoam green are popular colours to incorporate into garden spaces as they blend in seamlessly with already naturally occurring colours. When it comes to vegan-friendly ways to incorporate this trend into your garden. Furniture such as a garden corner sofa is largely vegan-friendly, with synthetic materials providing comfortable seating and the cane wood coming from sustainable and eco-friendly sources to create luxury garden furniture.

Decadent Art Deco

The Roaring Twenties were the ultimate period, particularly when it comes to glamour and sophistication. Nearly 100 years on, the art deco style is still going strong and one which features almost everywhere, from fashion to home design. From majestic marble and marvellous metallics, to stand out geometric prints and deep, rich shades, the art deco look doesn’t seem to be going anywhere, with the trend even become more iconic as we head into another period of the 20s.

If you’re wanting to add some art deco touches to your home, but are worried about the vegan implications, then there are many ways you can get around this. If you are looking for statement wall art, then you can find vegan-friendly prints and wall hangings. For soft furnishings, sticking to synthetic material and pieces will give your home the same look, no matter if you’re looking for velvet, leather or metal.