10 amazing eco-friendly constructions

10 amazing eco-friendly constructions

Visionary architects and construction engineers like AJM are creating some of the most dashing constructions in the world today those are at the same

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Visionary architects and construction engineers like AJM are creating some of the most dashing constructions in the world today those are at the same time eco-friendly. Here are ten which are considered the best.

1. Walkways for animals

Many animals’ ecosystems are cut with human expansion and our highways. The solution is the building of the so called ecoducts which are animal walkways. Bridges are used for deer, while the ones for frogs, badgers, and snakes go under the roads. The greatest example is probably Ecoduct in Netherlands.

2. Houses that look like Hobbit’s

Simon Dale wanted to live somewhere cheap and eco-friendly. He made a small house made of wood which he sunk into the ground. When looked from the side it may look like a house for Lord of the rings Hobbits but if Hobbits used solar panels for electricity and collection of rainwater. This is as eco-friendly as it gets.

3. Hydroelectric dams

Norway, a huge oil producer who can switch to oil consumption for energy, is building hydroelectric dams which support more than 95% of electricity consumption in the country.

4. A palace made of ice

Sergiu-Radu Pop designed this extraordinary building to be used for research teams on Antarctica. It is enormous, and it includes everything for both scientists and possible guests. It completely protects from continent’s unpredictable weather, and with its modern design, it completely blends with the area around it.

5. The house that used to be a grain silo

The building is created from two old grain silos. It is convenient during summer months because it provides shade. The building is meant to be an inspiration for modern architects to give them an idea what can all be done with old materials.

6. Stately homes powered by solar energy

Solar thermal energy is not used enough because some homeowners find repulsive to have giant water tubes on their roof. The National Trust wants to make a difference there, and it’s installing solar thermal on Grade I houses in Ryedale.

7. Olympic Stadium in Tokyo

Tokyo is the host city of 2020 Olympic games, and the stadium strives towards the future as you’d expect. Aside from that, it’s very eco-friendly since it’s using geothermal energy and its cooling system revolves around rainwater.

8. Structures that are bird-friendly

Every year hundreds of millions of birds die in America because of collision with windows. The solution to this problem came in the form of opaque coverings for windows which helped birds to spot them easier. San Francisco has already made this mandatory.

9. The Buckingham Palace

Not many people know that British Royal Palace uses geothermal energy to supply itself with heating. This way of heating is way more often in Iceland, where it makes the 25% of the nation’s power production.

10. Central Library in Kansas City

This building is using only natural elements and energy for itself. It often contributes to the area with its avant-garde looks.